Sperm Animation in Blender 2.6

Planning some fertilization animation work, and the basic building block I’ll need is an animated sperm – i.e. with his little tail wiggling in a spiral fashion. Below is the process and some useful tips for someone else digging into something like this in Blender for the first time. (This assumes basic Blender familiarity and […]

Koi / Beta Fish Tail Pendant finished!

Blogged about earlier in the development stages, the silver fishtail pendant has finally come to life! The first trial print was too thin, and the second was done in a white/strong/flexible plastic before investing in the sterling silver material. I’m really in love with this piece – more pics on Etsy!  

Jellyfish Oral Arm Study in ZBrush

Jellyfish are really interesting creatures — I’ve done a quick study of their very cool fractal/ribbon/curtain-like oral arms. The Spiral brush was indispensible for this. When experimenting with render filters (not used in below) I realized I didn’t know how to save an image with the filter in place. I’ve always used the Render Passes […]

A Better ZBrush Neuron

A few months ago I worked on a neuron on ZBrush, and I built it pretty much entirely from a zspheres skeleton. It got the job done, but it was tedious, and I wasn’t able to add the level of detail I really needed without relying on Photoshop. Fast forward to now; a much better […]

Art Science Gallery Show!

Heads up for anyone in the Austin area! There’s going to be a very cool show going on – The Art Science Gallery will be hosting the “Join Our Evolution” group show. It’ll be a great collection of works from artists from around the country, and everything with some kind of scientific, medical, or biological […]

Leg Muscle Study in ZBrush

Below – a study of leg muscles in zbrush. The leg is posed as if – dancing, starting off on a run? I wanted to be able to show use of the muscles, and take it a step further than a typical anatomical muscle illustration. Media used was only ZBrush and layers composed in Photoshop.

Inscribed Vertebrae Cufflinks

These little beauts just came in the other day – the inscribed initials came out really well! More pics with the Etsy listing: Inscribed L3 Cufflinks

Peak at Fish Tail Pendant

The patterns on fish tails are lovely, striated, not unsimilar to mushroom gills. Below is a peak ahead of time at a silver fish tail pendant. Take your pick – it could easily be a fancy koi or a beta fish tail! Or something else more abstract. Modeled in ZBrush, rendered in Blender with Cycles. […]

New – Inscribed Cufflinks

New to the shop will soon be the option of adding inscribed initials to items like the lumbar vertebrae cufflinks! This won’t make sense on all objects, but for those with relatively flat surfaces, this will be a fun new option. Some preview renders are below:

Preview for Platelet Pendant

A recent custom request has been really interesting – the customer is interested in a pendant of an activated cluster of platelets in stainless steel. Below are the preview renders and it’s just about ready to go into production! It’s planned for 3.5cm wide on a 24″ gunmetal chain. Modeled in ZBrush, rendered with the […]