14K Rose Gold Plated Red Blood Cell Pendant

This red blood cell pendant is stunning in a 14K rose gold finish. The hue is a lovely light rose and beautifully references the red color we all associate with our red blood cells.

The red blood cell, or erythrocyte, carries life-sustaining oxygen throughout the entire body. This unique and anatomIcally-accurate sterling silver pendant is modeled after a real blood cell (which can squeeze through the tiniest of capillaries!) Interestingly, red blood cells are hardly even a true cell (they don’t even have a nucleus!).

This pendant hangs along a rose gold chain. Photographed with a 24″ chain, 18″ is also available.

The pendant itself is beautifully polished and shines brilliantly. The base metal is brass, which is then underplated with palladium and finally plated with .5 microns 14K rose gold.

Size: The diameter is ~5/8 inch / 16mm.

About the process: I ‘hand model’ all my jewelry with 3D software, and then 3D printing technology brings the design to life: a mold is created from the 3D file, cast in bronze, hand polished, plated in palladium, and finally plated in .5 microns of 14K rose gold.