Reverse Image Search Engines

Below is a list of reverse image search engines — not just typing in a term, and coming up with results, but linking or uploading an image and finding similar (or other instances) of the same images online.  The value of these tools for visual artists lay in finding similar reference images quickly, (either for… Continue reading Reverse Image Search Engines


Inner Ear Pendant available

The inner ear pendant – an anatomically correct stainless steel model – is now available on Etsy! After doing more digging regarding the size, I realized the second round of printing I’d done was too big, and now I can confidently say that this final version is actual size. The earrings I printed smaller, simply… Continue reading Inner Ear Pendant available

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Surgery Illustration Process

I thought I’d show my working process in photoshop, starting with drawing and going toward finished illustration! This portrays the pulling/dissecting up of the gallbaldder from the liver bed.  It’s actually kind of a bloody mess; it’s not like the gallbladder just sits and hangs out by the liver, it becomes tightly invested in it… Continue reading Surgery Illustration Process