Medical Animated gifs / cinemagraph – swimming sperm

Animated gifs online have made a strong comeback in the last couple years as an easy and low file size way to stream and show simple bits of video/animation online. There have been some really elegant ones done recently. And I can’t forget to mention William Wegman’s first animated gif. These are far cries from… Continue reading Medical Animated gifs / cinemagraph – swimming sperm

A Better ZBrush Neuron

A few months ago I worked on a neuron on ZBrush, and I built it pretty much entirely from a zspheres skeleton. It got the job done, but it was tedious, and I wasn’t able to add the level of detail I really needed without relying on Photoshop. Fast forward to now; a much better… Continue reading A Better ZBrush Neuron

Leg Muscle Study in ZBrush

Below – a study of leg muscles in zbrush. The leg is posed as if – dancing, starting off on a run? I wanted to be able to show use of the muscles, and take it a step further than a typical anatomical muscle illustration. Media used was only ZBrush and layers composed in Photoshop.

Fertilization Triptych Biological Illustration

The biology of human reproduction, as well as lot of women’s health concepts, fascinates me.  I’ve been focusing on conception and fertilization, and though I have plans for a larger and more complex public education illustration/infographic, have initially worked up a triptych of sorts. Some surprising statistics I’ve come across during research: • some 20-50%… Continue reading Fertilization Triptych Biological Illustration

Neuron Synapses Visualized – ZBrush, Photoshop

Just completed a fun project aimed at visualizing the complexity of all the connections on a given neuron in the brain.  It really is astonishing. We really are astonishing.  A single pyramidal neuron (the most common in the cerebral cortex) will typically have 10s of thousands of connections, or points of communication with other neurons.… Continue reading Neuron Synapses Visualized – ZBrush, Photoshop

Koi Fish in Zbrush

Recently finished a koi fish study in ZBrush — below are in progress shots and some final renders in a few different styles! Rough sculpt with dynamesh: Retopologized model — no tri’s! This retopology was done entirely in ZBrush.  I’m curious to explore other methods in the future. Adding detail.  The scales took a bit… Continue reading Koi Fish in Zbrush

Waterfall digital painting studies

Below are a few small waterfall studies. software: photoshop Still looking for something a bit edgier – so often waterfalls are portrayed very softly but there’s definitely an intensity to a huge amount of water rushing and tumbling over an edge.  Have a favorite? I’d love to do one of these 5 feet tall.

Atlas + Axis Joint

Below is a study of the atlas/axis (c1 and c2 vertebrae) joint from multiple angles, minimally laid out.  Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, InDesign.