Iris painting – in progress and finished

I’m such a fan of the interweaving cords of the iris that I’ve done a second painting: “Green and Yellow Iris.” Below are some prelim. sketching and in progress shots, as well as the final result.  Check it out on Etsy! Acrylic on board, 12″ x 12″

Teres Major muscle painting

Just added this to my etsy shop – a new muscle painting showcasing such fun muscles as Teres major and minor, deltoid, infraspinatus, and lattisimus dorsi.

Origami Crane Sketch

Just did a digital sketch of an origami crane.  It’s interesting, once you do a few web searches, you realize what a popular artistic subject this is, even things like silver cast jewelry.


I’ve had more time for sketching lately — here are a few of my latest subjects! All images ©2010 Michelle Reinke

Surgery Illustration Process

I thought I’d show my working process in photoshop, starting with drawing and going toward finished illustration! This portrays the pulling/dissecting up of the gallbaldder from the liver bed.  It’s actually kind of a bloody mess; it’s not like the gallbladder just sits and hangs out by the liver, it becomes tightly invested in it… Continue reading Surgery Illustration Process