Uterus & Fallopian tubes

Did a recent project in Cinema 4D – studies of the uterus, uterine tubes (fallopian tubes), and ovulation. For those interested, I found a few video reference gems on ovulation: 1.http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1415551/human_ovulation_captured_on_film/ 2.http://embryology.med.unsw.edu.au/Movies/week1/ovulation.mov

Rhino Sketch – Fort Worth Zoo

What better way to spend July 4th than doing some casual photography at the Fort Worth Zoo?  Here’s a sketch based on the results.  This fellow is an Asian Rhino (probably an Indian Asian Rhino) and seemed to be enjoying himself in the pool.  

Lemur Sketch 1

Very exciting – I’m going to be doing some volunteer illustration work for a fantastic local animal care organization: CARE, a center with mostly big cats, but also 4 lemurs. They take fantastic care of the animals (often wild animals that need to be taken in) and work to promote wild animal awareness. Here’s lemur… Continue reading Lemur Sketch 1

Newborn Painting

For my very young nephew and his parents, I painted this painting, based on a lovely photo taken by my sister in law’s sister (though colors and a few minor things were changed for the painting). His name is Nolan, and he is such a cutey! The whole painting: Detail:

Finished Giant Iris Painting

The giant pop art style iris painting is now on its way to Hoyos (a fascinating company that makes iris scanning devices), after being successfully framed and packaged very very well by UPS! Below is a series of process images – I always love seeing the way other artists create and develop their artworks, and… Continue reading Finished Giant Iris Painting

In Progress: giant iris painting

Here’s a sneak peak at a very large project I’ve been working on for a very cool iris scanning company – Hoyos. 60 inches square.

Hibiscus 1 Painting & Process

Just finished the first hibiscus painting – I saw this plant at a local store and couldn’t not buy it.  It’s giving out vibrant double blossoms every day or so.  This study is of a freshly fallen blossom, which are often just as interesting as the ones still hanging on the bush.  I’m including a… Continue reading Hibiscus 1 Painting & Process