Updated heart anatomical model for cufflinks and pendants

It was time to update the 3d sculpted heart! The older version wasn’t awful by any means, but especially now being able to use better digital sculpting tools, improving the heart was being begged for. Below – mock renders of the new heart compared to the older one. Gold mockup: Updates included: double crossing heart […]

Something different: Rhino Pendant – in progress

Update on a new project in process – a black rhino pendant, just sent out for some prototype 3d prints for sizing! Notes about what makes this project different and in-progress shots below. I’m particularly excited about this project because the plan is to give the profits to a rhino foundation working to stop the […]

Modeling an Auger Seashell in ZBrush

Here’s my Saturday ZBrush study — an auger seashell, one of those common and lovely thin spiraled shells. Below is the process! Step 1: Create base spiral with the Spiral3D tool preset.     Step 2: Use large scale size adjustments to get overall proportions right:     Step 3: Establish the second ridge along […]

Koi / Beta Fish Tail Pendant finished!

Blogged about earlier in the development stages, the silver fishtail pendant has finally come to life! The first trial print was too thin, and the second was done in a white/strong/flexible plastic before investing in the sterling silver material. I’m really in love with this piece – more pics on Etsy!  

Jellyfish Oral Arm Study in ZBrush

Jellyfish are really interesting creatures — I’ve done a quick study of their very cool fractal/ribbon/curtain-like oral arms. The Spiral brush was indispensible for this. When experimenting with render filters (not used in below) I realized I didn’t know how to save an image with the filter in place. I’ve always used the Render Passes […]

A Better ZBrush Neuron

A few months ago I worked on a neuron on ZBrush, and I built it pretty much entirely from a zspheres skeleton. It got the job done, but it was tedious, and I wasn’t able to add the level of detail I really needed without relying on Photoshop. Fast forward to now; a much better […]

Fertilization Triptych Biological Illustration

The biology of human reproduction, as well as lot of women’s health concepts, fascinates me.  I’ve been focusing on conception and fertilization, and though I have plans for a larger and more complex public education illustration/infographic, have initially worked up a triptych of sorts. Some surprising statistics I’ve come across during research: • some 20-50% […]

Neuron Synapses Visualized – ZBrush, Photoshop

Just completed a fun project aimed at visualizing the complexity of all the connections on a given neuron in the brain.  It really is astonishing. We really are astonishing.  A single pyramidal neuron (the most common in the cerebral cortex) will typically have 10s of thousands of connections, or points of communication with other neurons. […]

Koi Fish in Zbrush

Recently finished a koi fish study in ZBrush — below are in progress shots and some final renders in a few different styles! Rough sculpt with dynamesh: Retopologized model — no tri’s! This retopology was done entirely in ZBrush.  I’m curious to explore other methods in the future. Adding detail.  The scales took a bit […]

Elephant Trunk Study in ZBrush

Tonight’s study – an elephant trunk! (body is beginning to be worked out too!) The textural options/potential in zbrush are so delicious to play with.  It’s way too easy, and fun, to add skin texture.