Cat-Friendly Crafty & Abstract Christmas Tree

I was about to get out our little christmas tree to put up again this year, but then I started thinking about our cat. Who would climb it, and knock it over, and knock off the ornaments, even if we only put up a few.
So… why not make an alternative kind of christmas tree? I ended up getting a couple rolls of removable adhesive wall tape and a large circle hole puncher (sum total less than $30) and got a little crafty.
Results are below, and of course, the cat won’t be climbing this one!

First though, I did a little digital mockup. I like how it actually turned out better than this.
wall christmas tree digital mockup

Final pictures:

xmas tree 2012 angle

xmas tree overall picture 2

xmas tree 2012 detail


xmas tree 2012 with cat

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