Logo update and evolution

New branding is now in place!

Here is the new logo mark on it’s own:


Full logo: mark + typography:

Michelle Davis Studios logo

This update I felt was badly needed as the older logo was really looking quite feminine and floral, when the goal was really more gender-neutral as well as more generically biological and scientific.

About this new design and why it is what it is:

  • It’s designed after an abstracted part of a branching neuron (and I confess I really love neurons in all their lovely branching detail)
  • I do everything from medically focused organ jewelry (for women and men) to wave paintings — really anything in the natural world that piques my interest, so I needed some intriguing natural-looking content that has a lot of visual flexibility
  • While I’m happy enough having a neuron logo, it works quite well that this kind of branching structure is really common throughout nature – from the innards of lungs and various cellular patterns, to even a cherry tree, so this represents any scale of subject matter very well.
  • The teal blue is decidedly less feminine; the red is still kept as highlight color in collateral and helps speak to the medical side of things.
  • The typography was also updated from Quicksand light to Lato regular, a change really based on intuition and what paired well with the new logo mark.
  • While decidedly different, this logo isn’t a total redesign in that it’s still an abstracted natural branching pattern and confined to a circular space.
  • Older logos for comparison:

    Initial logo (the concept was a capillary bed and changing from oxygenated to non-oxygenated, or from red artery blood to blue venous blood). I still think it’s a good concept but it just needed to be less feminine.


    Update a couple years later:


    The new one again for comparison:


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