Beautifully polished Red Blood Cell pendant

Typically I use 3D printing to manufacture my original jewelry/3D designs, but I’d been having inconsistent results with polished sterling silver.  To be perfectly honest, even the most polished pieces had some very subtle grain evident.  I’m sure in time that will change; right now it’s just evidence of the limits of the current technology (at least with some of the 3D printing companies) and the resolution items can be printed at.

That said, 3D printing is still working really great for stainless steel (with known and consistent grain) or my test prints in some of the plastics.

But to produce the latest red blood cell pendant I went to a more traditional jewelry casting company, and I could not be more pleased with the results.  Startup costs are higher, but once they have the mold to make the first cast subsequent casts are much cheaper.  This cast came out perfectly polished; this will be my new method for producing silver (or any other precious metals) for the time being.

See the results below!

Very polished silver red blood cell pendant
Very polished silver red blood cell pendant


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