Silver Succulent Bud/Rosette Pendant

Freshly photographed, I’ve finally gotten around to posting and offering up the silver cast succulent bud pendant!  Coming from a digital background – as opposed to ‘legit’ jewelry creation experience like lost-wax process, etc. – it’s easy to assume you’ll automatically get a piece exactly as you submit the file, but they don’t and I’ve been trying to learn more about the actual casting process.  For instance this piece, that I modeled myself and then sent to a casting company as an STL file to cast in silver, was delivered with the sprue on.  I didn’t even know what a sprue was but was surprised to see an extra nob of silver on the model. Needless to say I found some experts to polish off the sprue.

I also just ran across this well done blog post on, detailing some nice post production work on a polished silver 3D print, including incorporating colored clay and how to further polish your piece, which I’d like to try in the future:

Next I’d like to start research metal coloring techniques.

Finally, here’s the lovely little succulent bud:

Succulent Bud Pendant Rosette

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