Jackalope Zbrush Sculpture in progress

As a way to delve into zbrush, I’ve been working on making a jackalope!  After all, you can’t purchase zbrush not make some kind of fantasy creature.

As an aside, during my research, I’ve found that the ‘myth’ of the jackalope may have derived from bunnies sighted with Shope Papilloma Virus .  It’s a virus that causes keratinous tumors to grow on the rabbits skin, and though in and of themselves aren’t dangerous, can unfortunately become such a physical hindrance that they get in the way of normal survival. But my mythical jackalope is only strengthened by the antlers!

Here are some initial renders with a basic lighting setup:

Jackalope zbrush sculpture by Michelle Davis

Jackalope zbrush sculpture by Michelle Davis

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