Making of the Molecular Helical DNA Pendant in Silver

I am very pleased to share the development and outcome of the creation of a molecular DNA pendant! It is based on real molecular shape data – not only the familiar double helix but the true bubbly shape the molecules take within the double helix form is represented in this pendant as well. Currently I […]

Logo update and evolution

New branding is now in place! Here is the new logo mark on it’s own: Full logo: mark + typography: This update I felt was badly needed as the older logo was really looking quite feminine and floral, when the goal was really more gender-neutral as well as more generically biological and scientific. About this […]

Jewelry at the 2014 Association of Medical Illustrators Meeting!

I’m excited to announce I’ll be at the 2014 Association of Medical Illustrators Meeting with jewelry available in person. A variety of pendants and cufflinks will be on hand (and credit card payments will be accepted!) The meeting is happening this week starting Thursday, July 24th in Rochester, MN!

New Painting: Water Study #1 – abstract in acrylics

Below is a study of water in acrylic paint, 16×20″, titled appropriately “Water Study #1”. Also see the process photos are further down. Process photos:

Experimenting with Black Steel Anatomy Pendants

I tried some experiments in a new material – black stainless steel, which, as it sounds, is a dark (though not true black) form of typical stainless steel. There are a couple shots below of both a lumbar pendant and a heart pendant. Of course it gives a darker overall look, which gives a unique […]

Updated heart anatomical model for cufflinks and pendants

It was time to update the 3d sculpted heart! The older version wasn’t awful by any means, but especially now being able to use better digital sculpting tools, improving the heart was being begged for. Below – mock renders of the new heart compared to the older one. Gold mockup: Updates included: double crossing heart […]

Black Friday Anatomical Jewelry Sale 2013!

Quick shop announcement that this friday through sunday (11/29 – 12/1/2013) we’re having a Black Friday sale! Purchase through the Etsy shop and at checkout enter the coupon code THANKS2013 to save 15% on any and all items! Thanks to all you wonderful customers and fans!

Something different: Rhino Pendant – in progress

Update on a new project in process – a black rhino pendant, just sent out for some prototype 3d prints for sizing! Notes about what makes this project different and in-progress shots below. I’m particularly excited about this project because the plan is to give the profits to a rhino foundation working to stop the […]

Medical Animated gifs / cinemagraph – swimming sperm

Animated gifs online have made a strong comeback in the last couple years as an easy and low file size way to stream and show simple bits of video/animation online. There have been some really elegant ones done recently. And I can’t forget to mention William Wegman’s first animated gif. These are far cries from […]

Modeling an Auger Seashell in ZBrush

Here’s my Saturday ZBrush study — an auger seashell, one of those common and lovely thin spiraled shells. Below is the process! Step 1: Create base spiral with the Spiral3D tool preset.     Step 2: Use large scale size adjustments to get overall proportions right:     Step 3: Establish the second ridge along […]